Tuesday, 28 June 2011

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Bulk solution for distribute.IT Partners.

Netregistry is working on a solution for distribute.IT partners that will address the major issues identified to date. This is an alternative to the current DIT System.

We believe that after an exhaustive evaluation of all the alternatives this is the one that is best suited to the requirements, circumstances and issues that now need to be addressed.

Specifically, the solution we are expecting to deliver shortly addresses the following:
  • bulk import of names from DIT without requiring domain owners to agree to/acknowledge the change (no chasing customers for transfer authorisation)
  • no associated retail arm – pure reseller brand
  • Full White Label capability
  • WHMCS integration that respects the current distribute.IT API Calls
  • negotiable pricing tables per customer
  • brandable notification emails
  • full integrated solution with hosting and other services for resellers who want to resell hosting etc
  • single sign on for resellers to manage full portfolio
  • Partner branded interface to provide partner customers per domain login and self management capability
  • much, much more.

I don't want to be more specific about the solution at this point other than to make the following points:
  1. This is a full featured Partner platform designed from the ground up to take all the best features and capabilities of the Netregistry/TPP/PlanetDomain and MD Web Hosting Reseller Systems.
  2. It has been in development for years
  3. Although it has not yet been released, it's been in production for certain reseller brands that have beta tested it for some time.
  4. It is a little early in our release cycle and needs a bit of polish, but is fully featured, production ready, rock solid and has a large development team standing behind it.
  5. I believe featurewise it is a superset of the DIT System – in other words it brings many, many new features and misses none.
We expect to be in a position to migrate all DIT partners within a short period – days, not weeks.

I ask you for a few more days of patience and support. I will continue to update you here and on our blog with further information as it becomes available. I am bringing forward this announcement as there continues to be significant challenges with the DIT system and I believe in the interest of all, we need to move partners onto a permanent solution, although ideally I would have made this announcement once I had a specific day targeted for the migration.

What I can say is that this outcome has been worked on from the day we announced the acquisition of distribute.IT. I truly belive this outcome is the best for Partners – no end customers need be inconvenienced with confusing domain transfer notices that mention providers that compete with you. I look forward to working with you all and building an ongoing relationship based on providing you with the best partner products, services and tools designed to help you profitably grow your business with your customers and with us.

Larry Bloch