Monday, 13 June 2011

Notice - Service Disruptions

Dear Valued Client,

As most of you are aware, Distribute IT's systems are currently offline due to a deliberate, premeditated and targeted attack on our Network.

The extent of the attack is quite broad and recovery efforts have been underway since the Network was locked down Saturday evening (11/6/11). This attack was a deliberate aim at the Company and our clients and as a valued client you should know the facts.

As at 8pm, June 13 (AEST):
- Engineers have now reconfigured the network from top to bottom, and completed phase 1 of their investigations
- Technical staff are working through all servers in the environment, one-by-one, investigating any potential compromise or issues, and will then be re-opening them to the Internet.

At this stage we are unsure on any data loss, and office communications (phone/email) are also affected.  The first step has been for the engineers to work through the network config with a fine brush to ensure it is locked down, then systematically work through restoration of servers/services (which is the phase they are now in).

We will, in the interim, continue to post updates to Twitter ( to try and keep you all informed as best as possible.

Suffice to say we are confident of providing authorities with usable information to try and locate the source of this dispicable act.  Our thoughts, however, are first and foremost with getting all services restored as quickly as possible, but as you can appreciate, given the nature of the attack, we will not be doing this without investigating everything to its fullest extent first.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the significant inconvenience this is causing everyone involved.  We would like to express our gratitude also at this time, to those many clients who have sent notes of support during a very difficult period.

Management & Staff