Thursday, 16 June 2011

Update 9pm - 16/6

Firstly we would like to again express our gratitude for the many clients that have forwarded their generous words of encouragement and support as we work through restoring all services for clients. The sentiment from most, regarding the nature of the attack, appears to be universal and we appreciate everyone's support and many offers of assistance.

Please find following a detailed analysis of where we stand right now:

Registry Systems:
Engineers advise they are down to the final server required to restore normal client domain, SSL, SMS, etc functionality. This is a very sizable server in the group and unfortunately is taking a lot of time to check over thoroughly prior to releasing. At the conclusion of this we will be final operational checks and coordinating resumption of services with the Registries and governing bodies.

Realistically we are looking 24-48 hours before we get the final green light from all parties concerned. We will of course update you if this time-frame changes...

As previously noted, please forward any urgent nameserver updates and renewal request to and we will action these as soon as possible.

Shared Servers:
DR recovery is continuing for the remaining 4 shared servers that are offline. This is also a very long and complicated process and we are unable to give a definitive ETA. We are acutely aware of the impact clients businesses are experiencing, so if any clients on these servers are wishing to redelegate to another provider (and have their domain registered through DistributeIT also), please forward your new nameservers to us for immediate attention and we will assist as much as possible to facilitate to move.

Dedicated/VDS Servers:
A large number of dedicated server clients are now fully operational, although we do note there are a couple that are still experiencing some issues. We are working through these directly with each client, so if you are experiencing any issues with a VDS or colocated server, please email us at

We would like to express our thanks, yet again, for your continued support and encouragement whilst we work through this painstaking process.