Monday, 27 June 2011

UPDATE: Domain Registry's data sync currently in progress

The most recent stable backup of the Distribute.IT management system was on 23/05/11. As we have restored systems from this backup any transactions, updates, modifications between 23/05/11 and 11/06/11 to domain names that existed in the system are currently correctly recorded in the Registry, but are incorrectly displaying in the Distribute.IT system. Similarly, domains registered between 23/05/11 and 11/06/11 currently exist in the Registry but are not listed in the Distribute.IT system.

We are actively working to reconcile these modifications and registrations to ensure the Distribute.IT system displays the latest information. Please bear with us whilst this reconciliation occurs.

Additionally once the systems went offline on 11/06/11, modifications were being handled manually via instruction via emails sent to the Distribute.IT Gmail account. Again domain status in the Registry will be correct, however the Distribute.IT system, at this stage will be incorrect.

We are actively working on reconciling the data, which will load in the missing domains. Once this is completed we can then sync domains with all the various registries to load the correct state into the Distribute.IT system. We have to sync one Registry at a time. As you can imagine this is a time consuming process and these will be ranked in priority, based on the total number of domains under management in that Registry, for example .au will be the first Registry.

Because of all this, pending items that clients are initiating through the restored Distribute.IT platform are queuing and being periodically processed manually. Please bear with us, as this manual process is longer than normal. As soon as the reconciliation processes are completed, we will start to automate these items and systems will return to regular operations.