Sunday, 19 June 2011

Update - Sunday 19/6

Staff are continuing to work through the remaining issues 24/7 and restore services to full operation as soon as possible.

Currently, we are into disaster recovery on the 4 remaining shared web servers - whilst we are working through this as quickly as possible, our support staff are also assisting clients where possible with setting up alternate hosting, to try and circumvent clients having to 'wait and see'.

We are hoping to be in a position Monday 20/6 to confirm reconnection of core domain registry, SSL and SMS services. The technical team on this task are currently working on data audits and reconnection of the various servers that provide these services.

When reconnection of reseller services is ready, we will be updating all reseller account passwords and sending each reseller information on this accordingly.

Contrary to some reports, DistributeIT does not store any credit card data in its databases or logs, so have no reason to believe that clients' financial data has been compromised. We also are NOT of the opinion that domain names have been compromised, as the nature of the attack appears to have been more targeted at destruction rather than theft, of data. As a matter of course, however, we will be refreshing all domain name passwords.