Monday, 4 July 2011

DistributeIT Technical Migration onto Netregistry Group's platform: Phase 1

As many DistributeIT partners are eagerly awaiting the technical migration we wanted to be as transparent as possible as to the current status. Below is an overview of what will be migrated in this initial phase. Partners will all receive an email on 05/07/2011 providing more information about this first phase of the migration, including some FAQs.

Phase 1 Migration Date:
      Scheduled for Wednesday night 06/07/2011.

Included tasks for this phase of the migration:
1.       Importing all DistributeIT reseller accounts into the Partner Console. This will be co-branded TPP Internet (the Netregistry Groups main Wholesale brand) and DistributeIT.
2.       Importing all existing DistributeIT domains into the Partner Console into whitelabeled reseller accounts.
3.       Making an API available for API resellers, of which all the main DistributeIT API functions will work. A complete list of functions will be provided to resellers as soon as possible.
4.       Making a WHMCS plugin available, which will behave in a very similar way to the existing DistributeIT WHMCS plugin.
5.       There will be a template/whitelabel system available for all resellers. Although this will function slightly differently to the existing system, we believe there will be greater functionality. A complete list of functions will be provided as soon as possible.
6.       We will have new base hosting product with configurations available so resellers can elect to re-sell cloud hosting, more information on this is to come.

Excluded tasks for this phase of the migration:
7.       Unfortunately existing DistributeIT customer hosting products will not be imported in the first phase of the migration. We will be working to import these soon, so customers can renew their hosting contracts. Until imported, no existing accounts will expire and there will be no disruption of service, ie. they will continue to work.
8.       For DistributeIT clients that have already set up a hosting account with the Netregisry Group, this will not be linked to the DistributeIT account in the first phase of the migration. Unfortunately you will have to temporarily have two logins to the system. We will work to consolidate these over the coming weeks, so customers can access via a single login.
9.       The SSL platform for DistributeIT won’t be imported in the first phase of the migration. Customers with existing SSL certificates will be fine. Customers who need to purchase new certificates or who have certificates expiring will need to contact our Support team for resolution.
10.   The SMS platform for DistributeIT won’t be imported in the first phase of the migration. Customers using this service/platform will still be able to access the original version in the short term until a long term strategy is finalised.

Additional Notes:
12.   The Partner Console reseller platform has just completed beta testing, so it is possible that functions previously available to DistributeIT customers may not work as customers expect them to. Our team are committed to reviewing feedback and making improvements to this platform to better meet customer needs, and encourage constructive feedback. Requests and feedback submitted will be reviewed and we will endeavor to meet client requests in the time that we have available. Once again we ask for your patience during this migration period.