Friday, 24 June 2011

Latest update from the team in Melbourne

We attempted to re-sync a large volume of data to Sydney overnight which failed at around 4am.

At this stage we've gone to a Plan B, and are looking at having to restore the Distribute.IT system out of Melbourne. Not the end of the world, but adds in complexity for us next week – because at best we need the data in Sydney and running from there next week.

I've got one Distribute.IT Level 2 Customer Service operator going to Sydney today to start training and mentoring the Netregistry staff, and another either late this evening or tomorrow.

The email address still has around 700 open items in it, the Customer Service operator's here put in 12+ hours yesterday working on that, till we sent them home around 8pm. We've prioritized those items with domain renewals, domain updates at the top of the list. Status updates the like today will all be cleared out and directed to the Netregistry update page, as will partners asking when the domain management system or aspects of it will be online.

From this point forward please do not send anymore email to the gmail account.

Right now we are evaluating VDS and co-lo operations.