Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Consolidation of Reseller accounts within the Netregistry Group

We have received a number of enquiries from DistributeIT resellers regarding consolidation of their newly created TPP Internet accounts. Phase one of the technical migration will be underway from 5pm 06/07/11 until 10am 07/07/11 (AEST) and upon completion DistributeIT resellers will be within Netregistry Group's technology platform, segregated under a co-branded TPP Internet and DistributeIT.

At this initial phase, unfortunately we are unable to automatically consolidate customers accounts. Our software is virtualised, however each virtualisation will only support a single brand per account - so you can have all domains in a DistributeIT account, or a Netregistry Account or a TPP account or you can have two separate accounts. In due course we will have a single wholesale brand, TPP Internet, and we'll consolidate all the separate reseller virtualisations into one.