Thursday, 30 June 2011

Change of NS IP address for Partners

DistributeIT's primary DNS server has been migrated to Sydney, and the IP address for this server has been updated.

Resellers/Partners masking DIT Name Servers with their own glue records (a.k.a. Child Name Server records) will need to update their primary NS hostname record at the registry database to ensure fast DNS resolution for SOA/Zone files of customers.

The old server IP is still operational however the performance of this server has degraded and it is being deprecated.


We are currently reviewing the list of Resellers we are aware of who use the custom glue record to assist them in updating the IP, however those Resellers whose parent domain name is not registered with DistributeIT will require to update the record on their own via their registrar.

Updating Name Servers
1. Login to your Reseller Account via
2. Search the parent domain associated with the record
3. Click "Manage Name servers based on this domain"
4. Replace old the IP with the new IP listed below
5. Update your parent domain Zone file to replace the IP address of your primary NS hostname