Thursday, 30 June 2011

UPDATE: Information about Reseller Prepaid Account Reconciliation

We have received enquiries from a handful of Resellers regarding pre-paid account reconciliation. To provide some transparency, below is a summary of events up until today.

Situation up until 29 June 2011
  1. DistributeIT Database was restored as at 20/5/2011
  2. Reseller deposits between 20/5/2011 to 10/6/2011 were uploaded into the system
  3. We were provided an additional excel spreadsheet of all purchase / credit transactions between 20/5/2011 and 10/6/2011 to be loaded into the system
  4. This spreadsheet contained some errors, before accuracy of this information can be confirmed this spreadsheet will not be uploaded
  5. We have been additionally been provided a spreadsheet of transactions from 10/6/2011 to 23/6/2011 (before system went back up)
  6. As soon as we identified there were incorrect reseller credits in the live system, we decided to temporarily set them to zero on 29/6/2011 until the accuracy of information is confirmed by international registries

Today (30th June) there will be a teleconference to provide an update on the progress confirming accuracy of the information provided. As soon as more information is made available from registries to confirm the accuracy of transactional information, we will be in a position to provide more information regarding the outcome of this teleconference tomorrow. The resolution of this issue was previously advised as being within the month, this is now looking to be more like within the next week.