Thursday, 30 June 2011

Some updates for 29 June 2011

New developments for the 29th June 2011:
  • Reseller prepaid credit was set to 0 for reconciliation purposes. Whats account reconciliation? Ensuring that the credit in the resellers account equals the $$ paid by reseller. This is necessary because following restoration of the payment processing we saw discrepancies between what reseller paid and what they had in their credit.
  • Resellers WhiteLabel system is down, this means clients of resellers are unable to renew their own domains without asking their reseller to do it. API resellers not affected.
  • Shared hosting services (Plesk) which are expiring 29th June to 30th July receive 1 month free hosting, because we can't take payment. We've disabled auto-suspension and we'll re-enable account expiration in Plesk once we have a system to take payment for the services.
Static info: